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Grad Party (Taken with Instagram)

Grad Party (Taken with Instagram)

Caught a fish today! (Taken with Instagram)

Caught a fish today! (Taken with Instagram)

Finally saw the Avengers last night. It was awesome. :D

Went looking for apartments today with Seyla and Kayly. :) Found a perfect 2 bedroom 2 bath in Augusta Square. We debated over the 3 bedroom since it was only $100 more, but decided to just save that money for something else.

I would LOVE to go to Canada/Connecticut this summer with my Mom, but I don’t know if that’s going to happen anymore. I need to budget! >_<



This is so… I needed to reblog this. asdfghjkl;

So kyoot. 


the washington ballet’s upcoming alice (in wonderland) looks a.ma.zing.
by septime weber, world premiere april 11-15, kennedy center

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Wahh! :D I’ve never been to a ballet… I def want to see this!

Oh lawd, PLEASE. 

Oh lawd, PLEASE. 

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// YAY!//

Got my old job back! I’ll be starting my old job Monday…. :)))))

It’s been a while so they have to retrain me, but. Gah! I’m so excited.

I’m going to be making sooo much money!

Now I can start paying back my Auntie more, and I can help pay rent for the apartment I’m getting with my brother and save up for school!

Totes excited. Whoooo! I’m going to get so much accomplished in 2012.

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